About Alpha

Alpha Distinct Development Solutions Inc.

Alpha Distinct Development Solutions, Inc. is a 100% Filipino owned corporation established in the year 2007.

ALPHA DDSI is a fully Integrated Marketing Services and Development Company engaged in all areas of the marketing process, from strategic planning to program execution

We aim to create new, innovative concepts and ideas to promote and support various social causes through synergies with the public and private sector, NGOs and other social organizations

In 2011, Alpha DDSI has developed the brand “Tanglaw to cater to delivering eco-friendly solutions. Tanglaw has designed and patented various Solar Powered lighting solutions targeted for personal, residential, commercial, road safety and government use

Since then, it has designed and created various unique,  original  products which have been registered with the INTELECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE and has collaborated with private and public entities with similar thrusts

It has likewise developed eco-friendly products which is actively promoted by its partner, MS. EARTH FOUNDATION

It has then expanded its horizons by developing a brand to showcase the Filipino’s creativity and ingenuity, with its intent to help the marginalized sectors in the country. With the passion to help and PAY FORWARD, ECOHOME ART was created in October, 2014.